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5/23/18 Swarm transfer to my new Flow Hive


My hive swarmed on May 23rd, 2018 the day my new Flow Hive 2 arrived fortunately!
Today 5/25 I moved the swarm from my NUC to my new Flow Hive 2, I have the super on with a feeder inside.
The Queen is in her new castle.

Happy Memorial day to all who served!

Thanks to the forum community for your support on my very 1st swarm!



Good catch.
Remember to go into your swarmed hive asap to reduce the swarm cells to one open cell where you can see a larva floating in jelly. Return on the 29th to remove any more. Otherwise the bees will swarm again.


Thank you Dee!



You are talking about the queen cells right? If so, how do you reduce them?


Use your hive tool and dig them out including larva. You can put one into a queenless nuc if you have the bees to make one. In which case be gentle with it


Thank you Dee!

I will reopen my swarmed hive tomorrow (Sat) and start digging.I have read the wbka -“queen cells in my hive” - 3 times now just trying to figure out what would be the best thing to do. The wbka is not an easy read but it’s full of great information.


That’s because its not beekeeping by numbers
It encourages you to understand how bees work and to think about what you are doing.
Not meaning you in any way but alluding to quite a few posters here who fly by the seats of their pants, post their problems and follow advice given without actually knowing why. If you learn about how bees work and about their natural history you can avoid most traps they set you.


5/26/18 removed 5 queen cells from the hive that swarmed.Going back in today 5/29 to scout for more.

Thanks again Dee for the advice!


Great. Hope it’s sorted.