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A Bee House In Busso


I’m green with envy. I would need another shed though for an excavator. :wink:


Great photos, @busso. Looks like a lot of work. I am surprised that @Eva hasn’t chimed in yet with a pole envy comment or two! :smiling_imp:


You see sand stone and cement.

I see a concrete floor.
Should finish the floor by the end of the week if the back holds up :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


I see chook manure helping to make the mix “organic” :smile:

That is going to be a very nice looking concrete floor. Won’t be quite as grey as usual? Can’t wait to see it. Look after your back, and have the chiropractor on speed dial! :blush:


Thanks for the heads up - I’ll be sure to drop by and write something cheeky in it before it sets :smile:

Seriously tho, great work Wilfred! Can’t wait to see pics & please do take care :+1:


You might get cement on your derrière.:blush::blush:


Wouldn’t be the first time :roll_eyes:


Knowing Busso he’s probably got a shovel on a block and tackle to handle that sand!


May be when I get a bit older I might need that.:thinking::thinking:

Edit: As you see from my avitar I have a ways to go yet. :sunglasses:


You mean that black and white photo busso?


Yes. Black and white photos are all the rage today. :sunglasses:


Keep em coming Wilfred, I’m enjoying ur progress. :sunglasses:


Its 3 steps forward and one step back today. I divided the concreting roughly into thirds having powered ahead over 2 days I had 2/3 done. This morning when I went to water down the last section laid yesterday the concrete started to dissolve. I started poking and realised that the 14th out of the 16 batches yesterday had no cement in it. How could this be so? Easy I forgot. After 2 hours you are quite tired and in a sort of routine,… easy to skip a step. I recall it did look “thin” when I barrowed it out but with another partly on top of it I screeded away with no further thought.
Anyway I had to rip up the last 3 batches and restart. Has now taken me 2 and 1/2 hours this morning and by the time I finish an hour or so of relaying I’ll be finished for the day. Can’t go all day any more. :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
Roughly puts me back a day. But then I have plenty of those. :grinning::grinning:


That is a classic Wilfred, All we can do is to laugh about it and claim it was just a trial run.:grin:


Oh No! :scream: Glad to see you’ve kept a sense of humour about it.


Sounds much like something I’d do :flushed:


I am not even going to comment on this Busso…


Well the floor is done. I will put some pics up next week. So with some 48 batches taking 336 shovels of sand, 290 of aggregate and 192 cement I have nearly 16 sqm of concrete 100 mm (4") thick. And a very tired body.

In case anyone is wondering, "why the hell would you not get a truck in and have it poured " there are two factors.
One is cost. I can source all the sand and aggregate from our place, so there is only the cement. 25 bags of cement cost A$212.50. Cost of ready mixed concrete was (1.6 qm) A$520 plus $120 transport. So it was over 60% cheaper doing it myself.
Secondly was the limited time and enormous effort to lay it all in one hit. It has to all done within the hour or they just pump it out on the ground before it sets. Bearing in mind I am not a grano worker and my stamina has seen better days I don’t think I would have made it.
So those two things combined influenced me to do it myself.


Your explanation makes perfect sense Wilfred. I can only do about half what I was capable of in a day before I simply have to call time out. You went about the job with logical decisions, not to mention the pride of doing it yourself. It will be a good thing when it is in use.
Age does not come to us on its own, it brings friends like loss of energy, loss of strength and sometimes the need for an afternoon nap. The trick is in knowing your limits.
Cheers mate.


I hope you spend some of that nice savings on something fun for you and Mrs. Busso :hugs: