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A Bee House In Busso


Floor as promised.

My 1m level (resting bottom rail left side) confirms levels. East west bubble shown.

Couldn’t see the bubble in North south pic so did not download but it was level.
I will revisit in a month or so. With hopefully all the furnishings in place.


Very well done Wilfred, your a construction engineer in a previous life. If it is worth doing, do it right; and you have.


Nice job, Wilfred - looks great! :blush:


Very impressive Wilfred :sunglasses: …I’ve got a job or two for you here at my 100+ year old place!


Think I have done my life’s work in cementing, so must respectfully decline :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Well done then my friend :+1:


Small post just to keep the thread alive and dispel the idea I am sitting on backside.

From a different angle

and who said you can’t cut accurately with a chain saw
Bummer you can’t see the bubbles but I assure you those bubbles are spot on.
( now sounds I am bragging but I ain’t) Just need a good sharp saw and strong hands. Everything in these pics is cut with a chain saw. The rails not so good but I did learn a lot and already am plotting to adjust techniques to cut some much more accurate boards than you see in these pics.

Edit: No idea why I want to edit. Seniors moment

Just remembered: I would not like anyone to think this has been under engineered.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Love it. What is it?


A rustic outhouse toilet seat! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :smiling_imp:


Stay tuned, all will be revealed in a few days. A clue though …it will turn into a work bench.


Here is one I prepared a little earlier



I wish I could give you more than one “like” for your sense of humour, Wilfred. Brilliant, just brilliant! You made my day with that giggle. :smile:


Have you ever looked at those chainsaw milling setups?
I’ve watched a few guys on YouTube using them and they’re bloody awesome.


Yes I saw one demo at next door neighbours. They do a good job all right.
It is like anything. You need experience to make it look as good as the experts do and I just don’t have the inclination to do it.
After getting though most of a 2m butt I think I have just about found the right way of doing itwith my sled
Trouble is, by the time I get around to cutting again I will have forgotten all I have learnt.


What gets me Brad is that can use a chain saw and the finish is smooth and straight, it really is a craft to cut a log and produce timber ready to build with with a chain saw,
Busso always goes big and strong with his timber projects.


BIG DRUM ROLL (yes that is a shout)
I have finished the Bee House. Still some tweeking on where things go but I can now get on use it.
Plan to move the girls in late this month, as I now have to get on and prepare the place to look half tidy and to accommodate 86 men , women and children for the two day weekend 17th - 18th Nov. I do let myself in for things sometimes, but daughters can be very pervasive.
Any way the pics. First two shots give overall layout. The plan is to have two hives on either side of the front about a metre in from the concrete front edge.
Gives a bit over a metre free space behind the hives.

The bench which has transformed from a dunny seat.

Edit Forgot the cupboards.

The shelves (only just enough):slightly_smiling_face:

Now for what the Bee House was built for. Being able to shift heavy boxes full of honey and bees to where I can do inspections and manipulations.
First shot is the crane over target box. Final hive positions not fixed but a hive will sit around this spot.

Don’t let those slings fool you , they have 1000Kg breaking strain.

Next is box in transit

Next is box settling at destination.

Note I just guide the box with one hand walking it to destination and setting down with the chain in the other.

Final pic is the box on bench and a frame in the holder for photo and peek.

Photos are much better for sight impaired old buggers. (me in a few years time :wink:)

I am sure the actual movement of full boxes of honey and bees may need some fine tuning but I am so happy with the system. Works just as I planned it but even easier than I imagined.


I’m jealous.

Very impressive. Where can we sign on for tours?


Thank you. I am just trying to future proof my bee keeping well into my senior years as it well may he thing which keeps me sane :upside_down_face:. I am already finding I have to work smarter to achieve the simple tasks like cutting firewood, digging post holes (and boy I have dug a few of those) and the general upkeep of house and property.


Another jealous beekeeper here too…


A great job well done Wilfred, darn sure it won’t fall over…:hugs: