A few Questions from the new guy

Been reading every post and category I can. I’ve got so many tabs open, my computer has started to lean some… Haven’t seen these answered (I’m sure they have somewhere)

After many hours of research (mostly on here) I have decided to hot-wax-dip my 2 new FH2+ hives. It appears I will have to drive 4 hours to have it done, but its worth it to me. Here’s my questions:

  1. I’ve learned that I can paint the 2 roofs minutes after dipping them (as long as the melted wax is still hot). Does it matter what type of paint I use? Latex, Oil-based? Outdoor… etc. What will work the best with the wax and what will last the longest, look the best?

  2. Do I want to hot-wax-dip the hives assembled? Partially assembled? Fully assembled? Some have said they need to be fully assembled (except the metal and plastic parts) because the glue needs to be dried but I didn’t know I had to glue anything.

Thoughts? Advice? Totally unnecessary / inappropriate troll comments? I think I’m ready…

I think @Semaphore might know this.

I did not paint my wax dipped wood pieces - not entirely sure if it increases or decreases maintenance and longevity.

It might be difficult to assemble after waxing but maybe could be done with some extra work cleaning up the joints.

That was probably me that said about the plastic parts. I don’t think I glued the pieces because the melting/decomposition of the pva wood glue is much lower than the wax dipping temperature.


Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

Is Big Karen a great dane? I met a therapy dog in San Diego earlier this month called Cash. I think he was a great dane. His job was to pin down his owner when they had an epileptic seizure, to prevent any injuries from thrashing around during the seizure. He was so calm, smart and undemanding. Wonderful character.

I truly hope that you won’t get those here!

@chau06 has a better memory than mine, but I wonder if @skeggley might have something to add too?

We have a great community here. Very constructive and supportive. No regular trolls (they get shown the exit pretty quickly) and if you are willing to learn, then you are already a valued member of the forum.


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Yes, Big Karen is a Great Dane :slight_smile: She’s a good girl. She pins us down all the time but its not her training, its her determination that we will pet her and play. Danes are the best breed, not bias its science lol.

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Yes you can paint while it is still warm, I would use a water based outdoor paint. As you can see below I didn’t.

If the dipper can do a super I would assemble, minus the windows and some of the handles and screen, and dip. Putting it together after can be done, but why if you can dip the full super. There is a reason the conventional supers are assembled and then dipped.

You will need to glue and screw and the supers together

Our dipped FH2 still looks good a few seasons on.



Thanks Adam, THAT is the look I want w/ my hives.
Very sharp looking and very little maintenance :slight_smile:

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