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Wax dipped eqipment? Better than painting?


I’ve been considering buying wooden wear that is offered as “wax dipped.” Does wax dipped equipment hold up longer than painting? Anyone with experience with both?


Hi Lynn, I did some research on this after my painted gear looked pretty ordinary after only one year. It was a consistent opinion with the waxed crowd that you’ll get many years service from your waxed gear. I made my own dipping vat and wax my own woodware now including WRC and hoop pine Flowhives, They look great and water beads up. Way too early for my own long term report, but look through Michael Bush comments on the topic. He’s been waxing for many years.


I too saw the process done on youtube and the person demonstrating said he gets a good 10 years out of each box if it’s handled properly during the course of inspections etc. I would love that!


Wax dipped us a gray way to go. The wax penetrates 100% through the wood and protects it for years. Even better is waxed and painted - wax dipped hives can only be painted whilst still hot immediately after dipping. Many commercial beekeepers in Australia use wax dipped hives.

Here are some I’ve dipped: