A TON of Honey…

Hi. My 2nd year beekeeper in Houston. I did a hive inspection this morning and something just told me to take super off and check brood box….well I pulled a frame out and the top part broke off and the comb BROKE :weary: because they are soooooo filled in the bottom and it was too heavy. There is so much honey and comb. What should I do? Now my frame is broken and so the comb is just there not attached. See pic.

Thank you!!!

Edit to add: the ladies built comb against the hive, even though yes all frames were pushed in middle.

Hi Haley, it looks like the nail didn’t hold. I would suggest in the future to use pva wood glue on the joints & put a brad in from the side, as well as one down the top.

I would remove sufficient frames so that I can get in with a scraper to gently remove all the comb. I would cut all the comb out of the frame, so I can crush & strain the honey. Then I would wash the frame, ready to rebuild.

I fit all my frames with foundation, it makes life so much easier.