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Bee clubs & Associations that may have a demonstration Flow Hive or Super. Share a little about your Club, invite others to join, and post your Club’s Flow beekeeping photos and experiences. View our Beekeeping Clubs Directory Map and if your Club or Association would like to join, find out more by contacting the Flow Support Team at info@honeyflow.com.

OOC - any idea on when the “find a bee club” map is likely to be up and running?
(not pushing, just asking) :slight_smile:

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Yes that would be nice to have up soon. I know it is getting close but I think there has been a lot of work in setting up the shop and making sure orders are being filled properly that it dropped down the list of priorities a little. … Hopefully soon, a little push can be good sometimes. :raised_hand:

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I am totally understanding of orders taking a priority :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to getting my Flow Hive in December (or earlier if things continue to run ahead of schedule :grinning: )
It would be great to find a local club so that I can learn at least the basics before I start down this road. Google is giving me some dead links.
Darren (western Melbourne)

Any News on the Find a bee club Link on the main Page?