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About the Established Clubs/Groups category


Links and info on existing bee clubs or bee groups. Share a little about your beekeeping club, invite others to join.
We are in the process of creating a directory to help new beekeepers connect with local clubs. If your club hasn’t already joined up check it out here: http://community.honeyflow.com/find-a-bee-club/p/23


OOC - any idea on when the “find a bee club” map is likely to be up and running?
(not pushing, just asking) :slight_smile:


Yes that would be nice to have up soon. I know it is getting close but I think there has been a lot of work in setting up the shop and making sure orders are being filled properly that it dropped down the list of priorities a little. … Hopefully soon, a little push can be good sometimes. :raised_hand:


I am totally understanding of orders taking a priority :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to getting my Flow Hive in December (or earlier if things continue to run ahead of schedule :grinning: )
It would be great to find a local club so that I can learn at least the basics before I start down this road. Google is giving me some dead links.
Darren (western Melbourne)


Any News on the Find a bee club Link on the main Page?