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Beekeeping Clubs Directory Map, link still not working

@HoneyFlow Team, not too sure if this is the correct place to direct this issue, but it seems that this link hasn’t worked for some time. Is there a timeline as to when this link will be updated/replaced or deleted? Many thanks, Karen

Maybe @Bianca or @Freebee2 can help find out what the problem is? I haven’t tried it myself, and your post doesn’t contain the faulty link, so I can’t check for myself. :wink:

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@Dawn_SD @Bianca @Freebee2 this is the link on the forum home page under the heading Established Clubs/Groups https://www.honeyflow.com/resources/community-bee-clubs/beekeeping-club-map-directory/p/310


Thanks for the heads up @KSJ - I’ve just edited that post with the correct link. Note that we no longer have a Flow Club Support Program webpage but this program is still active and doing reallt well. Please inquire with the Flow CS team at info@honeyflow.com for more info and the chance for a club to sign up.