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i am so sad… we have just come back from a 10 day break, we checked the hive before we left and have returned to find no bees and masses of SHB larvae writhing in the abandoned comb. i have to start all over again with a new nuc but would like to ask how to clean the frames properly in readiness for the new hive. also what to do with the old comb that is infected what is the best way to dispose of it? i did not have a proper SHB trap installed which i am sure was the issue…

Is it true that having a second brood box for a larger Colony will help combat insects and diseases?

This is what we found outside our hive today
We are new beekeepers what next?

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Hi don’t worry, experience is gold. please look at this address, Small Hive Beetle » APHA - National Bee Unit - BeeBase

I hope that helpful