Add Flow Super or Not? Decision Time

My second brood box is about 60% drawn and the girls at loading it up with both brood and nectar.
The nectar flow is full on. Literally 8 acres of blackberries a mere 1000 feet from the hive and a full kilometer of privet just beginning to bloom.
I really think I need to add my Flow super.
I honestly think I could rob once before May is done, remove the Flow and then place a medium honey super on for the girls to refill and keep.
Frankly, that 8 acres of blackberries turns to goldenrod in the Fall.
What to do
Man, I need a mentor.

Wish I could look in the box with you. I just can’t comment on it comfortably (I don’t trust my opinion if I haven’t seen it) by remote control without video or photos… I am sure you will make the right decision, or you will learn a great lesson and pass it on to rest of us. Either way, thanks for posting! :wink:

I put mine on yesterday. The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t fill it…

if its just 60% maybe wait a few weeks til its at least 80%?
Patience is a virtue :slight_smile: I think next year, you wont be having this delay so be patience and let the bees grow into the brood boxes naturally first.
yes, need someone local to share their experience on what nectar flow you can expect.

The worst that can happen is that you can set the bees back.
I would be waiting till the brood box is 100% drawn and 60-80% filled with brood
There’s a danger that putting all that cold space above their heads will stop them drawing the rest of the frames.

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The nectar flow is full on from now till June. There’s a short dearth then things pick up again for a short while.

60%: Is that like 5 out of 8 frames drawn? Maybe stagger a couple of food frames in the top box with undrawn frames and add the super also.
If you have a strong flow on they can draw and fill frames in the blink of an eye it seems.


:smile:! Mine are @ 80 to 85 % as of 4/26 (last Tuesday). I will diffinately add one each deep supers to mine as of this coming Monday !!! (5/2/2016)… . They are really flying as well as hitting up my top feeder here. I’ve checked our feeds where there are blackberries close … The buds are forming now n should start opening this coming first week of May. Wish I could tell you yahhhh or Nahhhh bro. I’ve always been told to wait for near 80% so the strength of your hive n weather might help answer that. Good luck n take care. Gerald

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MMMMMmmmm! Yummy Blackberry hunny!

Added honey super today in Victoria, British Columbia. Second brood box was more than 80% full. Plenty of nectar due to hot weather.

Added mine yesterday. Look for my videos!