Adding a super to Jarli's hive

Cedar was home for this livestream, helping his son Jarli check on Jarli’s hives. Jarli’s sister Mela and aunt Mira also joined in. They added a super to one hive and cut out some tasty honeycomb to eat. Cedar answered some beekeeping questions too.

Here’s some of the highlights on the timeline covered today:

00:00 - Open hive
05:10 - Brood frame check
09:00 - Preparing Flow Frames
13:35 - Adding super
18:00 - Closing the hive
23:00 - Open 2nd hive
30:40 - Beekeeping questions
32:39 - Cutting honeycomb
35:26 - When to add super + double brood box
39:39 - Wasps +3-degree slope
44:50 - Getting bees
50:42 - When to add super

View the whole transcript here.

Do you have any young ones in your life involved in keeping your bees with you? How old are they and how was the journey been so far?