When should I put on my Flow Hive super?

In this week’s livestream, Cedar addresses another question we get asked often - how to know when your first brood box is ready for the Super to be added? - by giving a live demonstration of adding a Super to one of our hives.

He also demonstrates how to install new Flow Frames into the Super, adjusting the frames’ adjustable screws to ensure they sit flush in the box and have no gaps.

And as per our usual livestream style, Cedar also answers your livestream questions as they come in.

It’s crucial to wait until the colony is ready for more space before adding it so that they don’t have more than the population is ready to moderate temperature wise, as well as guarding again pests and diseases!

How was your experience adding your first Super? Did you wait until the brood box was nice and full, or in hindsight did you learn that you might have added it too early?

(Transcript available upon request)