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Adding another box on top of the Flow box



I have the full Flow Hive (Brood box and Super) but I am also interested in getting some bees wax for candle making. I was thinking of adding a half-height Super (no idea what it’s proper name is) so I could get wax as well.

Would I be better adding that above the Super with the flow frames of between the Brood box and the super with the Flow Frames?

Your opinions will be appreciated.




Hi Simon,
Its your preference to where you put it. I am guessing you are also after the honey or honeycomb too. Personally, I would prioritise honey and with the Flow on top of the brood box and then a medium or ideal height super on top of the Flow. If you have a full flow system another option might be to remove the outer Flow frames leave a couple in the middle for honey and then inserting standard frames on the outsides to allow the bees to build up wax for you.


@Psychochook don’t forget if you take honey from the Flow then they will refill those first - so you need to do what Rod said and replace some frames at the sides.

Also make sure you leave enough honey behind for the bees to overwinter.

Or you could remove the Flows when they are full and replace with “medium” Supers.

If you are just after Wax stick with the full length “brood” Supers and interchange with the Flow frames.