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Adding new package bees to existing hive

I could use some advice I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and have 2 hives I’ve had problems with with 1 hive where the queen never made it out of her box I got a new queen and added her to the box, this hive has very very little activity, I was considering adding a new pacage of bees to this hive, is this possible, any feed back would be helpful thank you

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Yes - I combined a queenless package with a weak hive across a sheet of newspaper. I put the paper down on top of the brood box, then a box with drawn comb and a frame feeder, then dumped the bees in. Make sure they have something to eat up there and an upper entrance.

They will chew through one sheet of paper overnight even without any slits cut.

You could also try donating a frame of mostly capped brood to the weaker hive from your stronger one. Much cheaper if that’s available.

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Thank you for the reply I will give th
at a try