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Adding nuc to the box?


Question about where to put the empty foundationless frames when I move the nuc to the permanent box:
Should I keep the 5 frames from the nuc together and add the empties on the outside or can I move one of the outside nuc frames and add one or two empty frame in the middle right away? Should I wait with that until the first inspection and then move the frames around?
My considerations would be to give them a guide to build straight on the empty frames but I don’t want to stress them out more by messing with their layout.


You put them in the order they are in and 1 frame to draw on each side and don’t fiddle with the order when you next go in. They will draw the frame straight because the adjacent one from the original nuc will be a guide



Dee is correct ! Never separate these frames out of the Nuc’s box when adding them to your new hive. It is most important that you/we keep the brood n other frames in order n together. As you mentioned the other frames will be added to either sides of these central Nuc frames at first.

Good luck n enjoy the journey. Any more question … Ask away ! There are many knowledge beekeepers on this forum,