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Installing the nuc


Tablelands here just wondering if the 5nuc frames i have added should be together or interspersed with the other frames with no bees


I would put them together in the middle of the hive. If you have an 8-frame brood box, I would put 2 empty frames on one side, and one on the other, and let them build out when they are ready. Make sure all of the frames are pushed together, to avoid bridge comb in the new colony.



Greeting Table,

Dawn has given you great n best advise. With new Nucs n most broods keep the frames in the same order n pointing same direction. Bees like us don’t like their house n progress messed up. (You’ll find exceptions later in Beekeeping) but for now do as Dawn has explain.

I’ve added several pixs here of 8 frame hives. The Nuc frames would be center with extra three frames added: one to one side n the remaining two to the outside space opposite. Clearly push all frames together (shoulder to shoulder.) wide spacing will allow your bees to get very creative with the extra space. You will have extra at the two outer walls. That’s normal n usually not an issue. If your going to use founditionless frame … check carefully each week to make sure your girls are making comb going weird direction. If so they to careful reposition in the direction of the “V” comb guide. Worst cases remove the sideways comb so the bees can do it straight n correct. Don’t panic ! We are slowly learn the How’s n What’s !

Good luck :+1::four_leaf_clover: n happy beekeeping,