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AFB problems for NZ


I guess that one of the biggest possible issues for the Flow system in NZ is that we do not have any means of treating for AFB. As part of being a beekeeper, our responsibililty and legal obligation is that if/when AFB is detected it must be notofied to the authority and the hive in its entirety destroyed by fire. I have no issue whatsoever with this as it ensures the safety of the industry as set per the regulations. The biggest thing for the Flow system is we will be torching a fairly pricey piece of equipment. The incidence of AFB is not high in NZ but the legal requirements are set. A friend of mine bought 2 whole Flow hives and as a newbie hadnt considered this. He lives in an area where historically there has been a reasonable amount of AFB infestation and was a bit alarmed to think that he might end up having to destroy his hives. My concern with this is that some beekeepers will not destroy their gear and therefore risk infestation outside of their apairy and other hives.


I guess if someone is actually dumb enough to break the law they can look forward to the legal repercussions (fines, prison, whatever), so I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. Besides, there will be more Flow hives to buy if someone loved it and wants to replace it. Worry about the things you can control, not the things you have zero control over. Unless, of course, what you were actually saying is do not buy this product because it is relatively expensive and may have to be burnt at some (but most likely, never) time in the future.


You are right. Its a risk but hey, so is waking up each day


According to this document - there is one irradiation plant near Wellington. I am unsure of the costs associated with this option but it is an option, considering the current cost of the Flow™ frames.



Have not been able to locate the irradiation plant in NZ, however the following website is dedicated to educating and reporting of AFB in New Zealand, it also offers alternative methods to kill the AFB spores with sodium hypochlorite or paraffin wax dipping.