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Quick question about afb



Bare with me here as I am new to beekeeping and just trying to learn as much as possible before getting into it.

I have read a ton up on AFB and EFB now, with AFB I read many times that you obviously have to burn the hives for obvious reasons. Now with having a flow hive would that mean you would have to even burn the flow hive super if you ended up with AFB? That would be a bummer! Sorry if this sounds like a senseless question, but I could not find any information. Thanks!


Depending on where you are in the world, you may be required to burn it, or you may be allowed to get it irradiated. I would ask your local city or state bee inspector what their policy is, if this is a concern to you. If they allow irradiation, the Flow frames can have up to 3 doses without damage. After that, they start to get brittle.


Here in the UK the protocol would be the same as for a poly hive.
The frames can be chemically sterilised.
Wax frames and bees are destroyed. Wooden box can be well scorched


In Australia, standard process is gamma irradiation: