After adding the flow super, when do you inspect the brood box next?

As a new beekeeper and flowhive user my question is this- after the brood box is close to full and the flow super is added, when and how often do you do an inspection of the brood box?

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The answer is the same timing as your local beekeepers use in their traditional hives. Usually 1-2 weeks for brood inspections during a nectar flow, much less during a nectar dearth (no nectar). My climate is a bit different from yours (I am in San Diego, CA), but I inspect 1-2 weekly from January to August, and then much less when the honey gathering drops off - maybe once per month. However, if I am worried about a colony, or I have found a high level of Varroa infestation, I may inspect more often to make sure that the colony has all of the help that it needs.


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