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When to add the Flow Super


It is important to place your bees in the brood box and wait until they are fully established before adding the Flow Super containing the Flow Frames to your hive. This can take anywhere between 1-8 weeks, depending on whether you have a nuc or package of bees, and will vary greatly depending on the time of year and the local resources available for your bees.

We supply foundationless frames with our brood boxes, as we think it’s beneficial for the bees to build their honeycomb from scratch. Many beekeepers also use foundation in their frames as it requires less maintenance when the bees are first establishing themselves in the brood box. When using foundationless frames it’s a good idea to inspect the brood box whilst the colony is building the comb to prevent the bees building cross comb in the frame. This way if they have run off course, you can gently nudge the comb back in place. Remember to keep all of the Brood Frames tightly together towards the centre of the box. If there is an extra space this should be distributed evenly on the outer edges of the brood box to further reduce the risks of cross comb.

For best results it is recommended that you check to ensure that all 8/10 (depending on the size of your Brood Box) Brood Frames have been drawn out and contain substantial comb before adding the Flow Super. The combination of a full Brood Box along with a significant amount of bees will help to encourage your bees to make fast progress on the Flow Frames.

If you are new to beekeeping we recommend finding a local beekeeping mentor or joining our forum where experienced beekeepers can assist you in determining whether your Brood is ready to be supered.

Almost ready to Harvest my rooftop hive in Los Angeles

Configuration 1:
Starting Your Colony
flow configuration 1

Brood box with frames, inner cover and roof only while your bees are growing in numbers and building comb. We cover the feeder hole of the inner cover with screen mesh or a piece of wood.


Configuration 2:
Established Colony


Super with Flow Frames are added once your colony is strong and established. Inner cover is placed on top of the super.


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