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Alternative extraction methods- Honey presses, etc


I’m a newbee, only got my bees a year ago. So far have harvested 45kgs. (Have already ordered Mark 2 Flowhive). Hive got a bit crowded. Put a standard super on top to give the girls a bit of room. Went to NZ for 3 weeks. came back and totally full of Marri honey. Saw the River Cottage episode. Bought a press and got 16Kgs!!! A bit messy but cleaned up with the Karcher. Had to throw the wax away though!


Nice harvests! but hey- don’t throw that wax out! That stuff is gold… at least it’s golden coloured… supposedly suppliers are finding it hard to get enough wax to make foundation. Price keeps going up

Was your super foundationless?


I also find foundationless ideals are best for cut comb. Very interested in your reports about that Honey press to deal with leftovers.
My crush and strain Honey always turns out more cloudy, whereas the flow Honey is superbly clear. How does the press Honey compare @Semaphore? More cloudy than flow honey as well?
I will definitely use ideals on top of some more of my flow supers next season.
Just getting a couple of hives established at our kids’ places down by the beach for winter. Can’t wait to see how that goes compared to up here in the mountains. Depending on how the nucs go down there, may decide to super with an ideal rather than a flow box for winter.


that’s also my plan for at least a few hives- one ideal left on for winter. I am using a strainer to filter the honey as it leaves the press- but it’s definitely cloudier than flow honey- which is virtually crystal clear straight from the hive. For personal consumption I’d be quite happy with pressed honey with no filtration as there is a lot of fine wax in there which is actually kind of nice on toast. On that River Cottage episode the honey man said such honey is ‘creamier’.


Thanks for that. 50:50 foundation and not! S
o gummed up with cross comb that I actually broke some frames on extraction. I kept the wax for a week but couldn’t have been clean enough as started mould colonies! Wax $18per kg over here so worth saving if I could clean it up!


even if it goes moldy- if you render it down it comes out clean. Just put it in an old cooking pot with water- boil- strain through cloth- let the wax harden on top of the water and BINGO!