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Honey extraction. I wont miss this!


With the new hive installed I now have 40 odd kg of honey in frames to extract. Ive never taken more than I need from the girls so I colect the comb and crush then sieve it. I then wash the wax in a nut bag to make candles with. This may take a while! Glad to say the girls hav

e taken to their new house beautifully. The smell of the hive mixed with the cedar is devine :two_hearts:


If you want it to go faster:


OK, it costs a bit more than @Michael_Bush has described, but it is the same idea, and saves you finding all the bits:

Love it!



That is a very nice size too, from the point of view of weight. 3 1/2 gallons. Mine are all 5 gallons and 5 gallons can weigh quite a bit (60 pounds or 27kg). You do need to fill the top bucket quickly so you know it won’t overflow the bottom bucket… so maybe 3 1/2 on the top and 5 on the bottom might be safer as far as avoiding overflows. Nothing like gallons of honey running over your kitchen floor…


Too sticky… Never seen that… Honestly… :yum:



Ive resisted thus far but im going to have to bite the bullet and bucket up. I also got lost reading the link and in the future ill colect the frames from the super at dusk so the girls are going to bed. I often dont need a suit as they are so gentle. Thank you for your reply. I feel like the bee god himself has shined down on me :)blush: