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Extraction Tube and Jar Lid Modification


When harvesting last week while shooting the Meet the Beekeeper series, I learned that it is best to not have open honey flowing into jars during the dearth. With so many hives in close proximity, the smell of the honey attracted a LOT of bees and cling wrap was no match for the girls.

I’m removing my Flow frames so my bees can store the upcoming fall flow in a traditional super that they’ll keep over winter. Before removing the Flow frames, I had to pull any uncured honey so, having learned a valuable lesson last week, this is what I did to remedy the situation.

1 1/4" outer, 1" internal diameter food-grade vinyl tubing and I’m sorry but I don’t know what the pieces I used as adapters for the lids are called :frowning:

I used lids with rings so that won’t have to spin the jar or the whole lid when it’s time to switch jars.


That’s real kind of you to say @Cowgirl. Invention is a strong word. It’s more along the lines of doohickey, thingamabob, doodad, etc.



You’ve got a good head for ideas. Awesome Bro. We can all learn n benefit. Great video too.

I’m sure I will be harvesting un cured honey if I get any at all. Like you … I’d probably be feeding it back to the girls but might steal a small dab just for taste ! :wink::+1:. If a jar was stored in the frig … (And I’m sure 12 oz. wouldn’t last around here with my grandson, wife n I consuming it. Wonder how long it might be until spoiling/fermenting ?!? Anyone have any ideas ? Never harvest incurred honey before so don’t have a clue !

Well, off to a friends bee yards for the day !