ALUEN CAP (Argentina)

Interesting product created in Argentina and passed for use to fight Varroa being studied in the USA.

Oxalic Acid strips for prolonged exposure. Claiming 95% success and the US reaserches seem very excited about this product.•-cap/

Thanks for posting this HappyHibee as “prolonged exposure” from my experience makes all the difference…that’s why I don’t bother with Oxalic Acid Vaporization any more.


I’ve never used OAV but this product if tests prove effective could be a step forward especially if passed to use with honey on the hive.

Watching the video Bob Binnie posted as the second part of a recent chat with the researchers it sounds like this product comes from the source of the method Randy Oliver has been working on but his sponge method seems a hit or miss based on climate humidity and regional.