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Am I the first to buy a bottle of Flow Hive extracted honey?


Whoop whoop! I just received my bottle of honey from @Martydallas extracted using Flow Frames. He said I could spread the word.

Ok Marty so how did you seal the bottle so professionally???


It’s just clear shrinkwrap, slide it around the bottle and use a hairdryer, it seals it really nice

I was also surprised when placing the shrinkwrap around it. I thought the bottle good, prior but once the shrinkwrap was a here to I was thinking this could be sold on a shelf somewhere :slight_smile:

Glad it shipped well.

As for the trace paper I just grabbed things around my desk, sorry if there was anything I should not have put in their :slight_smile:


Nicely done Marty, I love those bottles. Have tried to source them here in Australia to make special gifts with wax to seal the the cork but it’s a no go on the bottles I’m afraid.


Yes, not cheap and definitely not cheap to ship. I’m looking around for a cheaper source to purchase them.

Thank you very much, thought about the wax seal, with the flow frame not getting that much wax :slight_smile: thank goodness I don’t have to use a hot knife to get the wax cap off


Marty I have a feeling there won’t be any honey left at Cowgirl’s place by the time I get there :yum: …even if I could get there this week!

I feel a FlowCon coming on :honeybee::two_hearts:?!


I’ve sold nearly all the 9 Jars I have so far - will need to extract the last lot Friday


Still have you on the list @Cowgirl !


There needs to be a woot button in addition to the like button


what is a woot? it sounds like something Winnie the Pooh might have known? :wink:


US version of “Woohoo!!!” :smile:


It’s regional though - @Cowgirl where else aside from your area?

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