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Another time and bee saver

I have been brushing the bees from frames of honey at my apiary before I put the frames into a plastic box to bring home for honey extraction. I always seemed to also bring home a lot of bees no matter how much care I take. I went to Bunnings (silly boy) and noticed a small 18 volt blower so duly parted with about $100 as the battery powered blower is sold minus the battery and battery charger!!!
Anyhow, I have taken two lots of frames and used the blower and really pleased with the result. Brushing the bees off and they are back on the frame in a flash, blowing them off and they seem to not know where the frame is with the result the frames are cleared of bees faster and not a single bee taken home. There is 3 adapters giving different air speed, the middle size works best for me.
Not cheap I agree, but I like to best use my time at the apiary. I think it is a handy tool to allow more productive time and it doesn’t annoy the bees either. Made by Ozito so it should last years and the battery will last about 5 hours of constant use so expect a long days use before needing to be charged again. Light and well balanced in the hand.