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Any opinion with a yard with dogs?

I’m thinking about getting a FLOW HIVE and not a knock off but want to know- I have a 4 and 2 year old. Also two big dogs. Does anyone have a yard with dogs? I have read up on toddlers and thank you everyone for posting kids pics and links to toddler bee outfits- I’m okay with the kids. Now… what about the dogs. Lol every dog is different but mine are pretty good and big and loud… should I use a friends yard instead? Lol

A big welcome to the forum Sean, lots of reading here and folks happy to pass on sound advice.
Unless your dogs are particularly stupid they will quickly learn that if they hassle the bees they will get a sting so will stay away from the hives.
Glad to read you are thinking of getting into bee keeping with a Flow Hive and avoiding the Chinese junk, but be aware, bee keeping is VERY addictive, even though it doesn’t take up too much time the bees still need some of it.


I’ve got a toddler and two larger dogs (32-33kg) with no issues. Mind you, i do barricade off direct access to the hive. One of the dogs had a reaction to an insect sting before I got my hive but we’ve had no issues since having the hive.

Also, human antihistamines can be given to pets.


Do a web search on ‘my dog ate a bee’. And also check images, there are a lot of swollen dog faces out there.

I’d be setting up the hives so the entrance faces a fence a few feet away, and fencing off around them to keep inquisitive dogs away. The bees will leave the entrance and have to fly upward so are less likely to be at dog or kid level in the yard.

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Yes- my dogs are known for chomping down on insects. They have eaten a couple bees that wizzed by there faces and they did not like that. I’m sure they will develop smarts! Lol


Even your would be fine but just maintain the distance and you are good to go.

J. Singh