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Bear Damages Flow


Some members of my local bee club got hit for a second time by a bear that seems quite persistent.
Time to invest in some electric fencing.

Note the Flow Frames and the 3-flow frame super in the wreckage :frowning:


And people complain about our wildlife here in Oz… That would be terrible turning up to your apiary and seeing that.
Is it possible to salvage any of the colony’s from the carnage?


To quote the victim, “So, I am done for the year until I can put up a electric fence. I am also switching to Slovenian A-Z hives. I have already built the three hive bee house.”

I may have to inquire about the 3 flow frames and super.


We found 3 fresh gopher holes around our hive in the Community Garden yesterday. I haven’t found anything stating that gophers eat bees or honey though. Maybe it was attracted by the smell of my jar of home-made ant bait. My only concern is that it could destabilize the ground enough to tip the hive, although the hive is on cinder blocks, so perhaps that is unlikely?


I put in a chainlink fence around my flow hives with three strands of Elec fence to help keep the bears out in the mountains of Colo. We have bears around daily from Spring to fall and I have used the elec fence to keep them out of our feed and the dairy goat animal pens with success so hopefully this will work for the bees and they are inside the yard that is already fenced. My other hives are on top of the goat shed with elec fence around.
Good Luck to all of us with this problem.


Very sorry to hear this Bobby, hope ur beekeeper mate can recover. Slovenian style might be the way to go, they have some very interesting design ideas. Let us know if they plan to build one, love to view the progress and photos if possible.