Anyone know these bugs?

This Messmate stringybark is 10 metres from the hive and is covered in these beetles. The bees don’t seem to be getting a look-in or aren’t interested in sharing or are just plain uninterested. There are hundreds of these trees around here and many are covered in these beetles. Any ideas?

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To me those critters look kinda cockroach-y :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Looks identical to Flower Scarab Beetle (aka Two-Tone Nectar Scarab Beetle) officially known as Phyllotocus Macleayi. Would make sense that it’s in competition with the bees for the nectar.


Thank you both! I think you’ve hit the jackpot with the Two-toned scarab beetle. I hope they don’t pinch all the nectar from the bees. There are certainly enough of the critters. I was banking on this honey flow to fill the frames before the next major species flowers - the Manna Gum, which results in crystalised honey.

No problem! Let us know how you go with the current flow and whether you get a decent amount out of it.

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I’ve been a little disappointed so far with the messmate flow. I read up about it, and whilst they seem to flower each year, good yields are only expected every 5-6 years according to Honey and Pollen Flora of SE Australia. The size and abundance of the flowers and the wet spring suggest this is the good year. I’m not sure I’m really seeing this yet. Having said that, the bees are just finishing up on the remaining red gums and I’m starting to hear a real buzz in the messmates :crossed_fingers:.

Ran across this on Instagram:

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