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Bees in my Paperbark trees


Have got these bees going to town on my Native Paperbark trees. I don’t know of any hives around but even so how far would they fly for this pollen? Also when my flow hive arrives will my bees push these ones out? Or are these guys wild and maybe like to inhabit my flow hive?


I’m not aware of bees being territorial over pollen and nectar sources. If your bees are more efficient at extracting the majority of the pollen and nectar it’s possible that it will be less desirable for the other hive to make the trip there. It is also possible that you could entice a wild swarm to take up residence in your Flow hive if you set up a swarm trap.


@McFoxdale Wow, look at the size of those pollen sacks. They tolerate each other while collecting honey & pollen but they wont let foreign bees into their hives unless they have pollen & or honey to bring in.


I had the pleasure of tasting paperbark honey a couple of weekends ago… have to say it was a bit average and I would mark those frames and leave them for the bees. Eucalypts (Stringybark) have been flowering profusely in the last few weeks (NSW Aust). Your bees will share the flowers with other hives, first-in first-served, so if your hives are closeby chances are they will get to the morning nectar before the other hives.


I tasted some Banksia honey today and it was amazing, pretty strong flavour but you could taste all the floral notes as if you were standing in front of a bouquet of Banksia flowers…


I agree but I saw a wonderful piece on a nature program somewhere , an Attenborough? of bees buzzing humming birds that were encroaching on their nectar gathering


We have a broad swathe of salvia in flower at the moment, quietly, busy with bees. Yesterday morning they were joined by a loudly buzzing Blue Banded Bee, the honey bees immediately responded with loud buzzing and encouraged the Blue away. I’ve also noticed over the last few hot days some altercations at the water bath, one or two move around the edge biting legs & pulling the other off to the ground.


Hi Kirsten, your comment about altercations prompted me to put this one on.The little altercation between two bees, I’m guessing from different hives appeared right near the end of the video