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Anyone recording their bee's during the eclipse?

I’m not set up for it.


I only was able to check on mine twice during our 92% partial outside of Seattle a few miles. As the sky darken to deep deep blue n quickly cooked my colonies seemed to cut back their foragers. All my camera gear was out in my front yard n busy. Wish I’d been able to record n confirm my colonies behavior. Bummer ! Gerald

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Ours was a little over 70% eclipse. At it’s darkest (more like early morning light) more bee’s gathered on the landing board than normal and just a few did something like aerobatics before taking off. Nothing more than that. Now completely back to normal.

We had 75% and this is what they were doing …

A LOT more action than usual. I thought there was robbing going on.

Correlation is not causation

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Tomorrow is an eclipse in the US. Interested if anyone in the path of totality - or close to it - sees interesting bee beehavior.

I am in about 75% coverage and will post the bee cam video.

Starting this topic so people think about watching their bees during the eclipse.

I saw a total eclipse once in South Australia- there were no bees around as I recall- but the birds sure freaked out. I kind of freaked out too- It was AMAZING. I envy you. I look forward to your video.

BTW: how far would you need to go to get 100% coverage? I only say this as it is really awesome when it is total. Partial eclipses are much less amazing. We drove over 1400 KM’s to get to totality… well worth it.

I would have had to drive 800 miles (1,300 KM).

And somebody has to be present to consult on all of that management stuff, right? :smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would have been a lot further than that for me - we only had 57% here. Plus the west coast places were asking people not to travel, as there are wildfires and a lot of good spots were already full. :astonished:

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Here in AZ you could barely tell it happened. It went from blinding bright to just bright and then back again. I’m not even sure mine would’ve noticed.

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