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The Girls marching home


You can see several of them wafting Nasanov Pheromone to help the other ladies find their way. Not nearly as entertaining as @JeffH. But I just had to share, it’s my first video.


Hi Adam, well done, that’s fantastic. You live in an interesting part of the States. We must have went pretty close to Mesa while on a coach tour. We stayed overnight in Phoenix. Then went & saw Montezuma caves before going to Flagstaff. Then onto the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas & back to L.A. It was 5 days & 4 nights. A fantastic trip.


Great marching bee flix bro ! I hope to be lucky enough to see this again in my own bee yard … Maybe I’ll :honeybee: lucky enough to capture a swarm. I was hoping my Nuc’s might do that but guess I got most of the bees knocked in at the beginning ! Thanks for the SHARE ! Gerald


Lovely! i like the bees marching in one by one!
Whats that between the entrance and the flow hive box? a shallow brood box? Or are my eyes playing up?


It is a slatted bottom rack. I’m hoping it will give them a little extra room to ventilate when it hits 115 degree in the summer. We’ll see if it does anything.


Cool, wouldnt the heat go up anyway? It gets pretty hot here in Melbourne during summer (max 40-45 degrees), and the only suitable hive position is in full sun. The bees were fine through the hottest parts of summer.
I am thinking for next summer though (just cos i cant help tinkering with the hive :slight_smile: ) of adding what you had but putting it on top of the flow super. so that most of the heat is kept out of the honey and brood.

let us know how yours go.


This has a lot of functions if everything people say about them are true. It helps to maintain a more even temperature at the bottom edge of the brood frames so the queen is supposed to lay top to bottom more readily. It gives bees a place to hang out in bad weather. Because there is more space inside the hive it is also claimed that it discourages swarming, though I have read equal numbers of reports that it doesn’t help with that at all, so who knows.


Nice video, thanks for sharing. Next time shoot it in landscape makes a better video


Just 48 hours after being introduced to their new home I see bees bringing in big bundles of creamy colored pollen this morning. I am assuming this means that comb drawing is going well? Otherwise where are they putting the pollen?

I am planning to release the queen on Friday morning that will be the morning of the 5th day.