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Anyone seen this new architect design Flow Hive by Plan Bee?


This is a nice looking and simple design- what do you think?


If the architect behind plan B reads this can you answer a question? There is no way to make contact on your website…

Is the hive designed with a slight tilt like the full flow hive? and is the bottom board similar with removable core flute and mesh, etc?

Also can anyone let me know their thoughts on the ventilator hole on the hive roof- I guess this is similar in function to the hole in the cover of the full flow hive?


Hi Semaphore. I just became a member on the forum, and saw this…

You must have seen the site right after I put it up! I’m sorry you weren’t able to make contact! You might check out www.goplanbee.com again. I’ve updated the site quite a bit. There’s contact info now! :sweat_smile:

To answer your questions, yes there is a 2.5 degree slope incorporated in the bottom board to help the honey flow properly. Plus, it includes screening and a core flute slider.

Also, the holes in the sides of the lid are for added ventilation. The slots in the vents are small enough that the bees can’t pass through that way.

I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for the kind words!

David Grimes


the video has moved