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Foreward sloping hive


A normal hive is setup with a forward slope to allow water to run out if it happens to get in.

Will this forward slope counter the flow flames which are designed to have a slight fall to the rear to allow the honey to flow out as the flow hive will sit on top of a conventional Langs hive. Is there an issue here?


It is only a small slope 1º or 2º. This will not interfere with the Flow system as the remaining small amount of Honey in the well at the bottom will be licked up by the Bees.

Also if the gradient is too large the normal frames will become crooked and the comb will be at an angle


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It’s been stated many times, a picture says 1000 words. I am not even a beekeeper yet, so therefore a lot of this is not understood. I do get and understand the slope to help drain water out. I’m an architect so it doesn’t take much of a slope 1% should be more than enough. Just not understanding the other parts is your anyway somewhat could provide a drawing or slight picture to explain it? Or even a YouTube video that might describe this a bit more


Just use a ventilated bottom board - doesn’t matter either way then, any condensation/water just drains through it :wink:


Marty, don’t worry too much about it, as long as any rainwater that gets into the hive has a way to escape. This can be achieved by a small forward tilt so water runs out the entrance.


Hi Guys thanks for all the replies, seem an easy one to figure out.