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Aren't bees the cutest this time of year?



Very cuddly… With each other, at least! :smile:


There’s a family of baby ducks near my main bee site. They ARE cute. I’ve never looked at bees as being cute before. Maybe next time one lands on my finger in a non threatening manner, I’ll try to view it as being cute. Trouble is, they can be cute one minute & downright vicious the next minute.


One of the things I find amazing about bees is how such a small insect- can terrify and harass a large human. As I run away from a hive chased by one solitary angry bee… i am aware how they certainly punch WAY above their weight. But I also find them cute too- when I am suited up and impervious to their nasty side.


-edit- looked on a decent monitor and could see the watermark :smile: is this the flir for iPhone/Android or standalone device?


Yes, Iphone.

This post was my sorry attempt at humor. The photo is the heat sensing image of the hive. You can see the bright white cluster, as well as the dark blue cold, mouse guard. The orange/yellow in the background of the picture is the heat from some fresh mulch. A pretty interesting picture if you know how to interpret it.


few things are cuter than baby ducks. They are the cutest. A baby chicken just can’t compete.


My mother is in the process of choosing a Shih-Tsu Poodle cross puppy, and I have to say, they are extraordinarily cute…