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Article on wintering hives


This is an excellent article with clear concise explanations


:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️Needs more than one like from me!! Thanks a bunch Dee - :kissing_heart:


Great article. I am finishing up my winter rigid foam sleeves for my hives. Temps haven’t dropped below freezing more than once or twice so far and getting into the mid fifties during the day. This will be a learning experience being my first winter with my bee’s. A little nervous but I am hopefully doing everything I can to get the girls thru the winter!



Very thought provoking article ! Well written n great info ! Thankz Dee !


Thanks Dee, that’s a good reference :slight_smile:


I see you are making good use of your subscription, @Dee. Glad you like the publication! :blush:


Why is it yours Dawn?


Not quite sure how to read that… Are you asking if the article is mine? No, it isn’t. Are you asking if the magazine is mine? No, it isn’t, but I did point you to an article in it about bee pheromones some time ago, and I believe that you subscribed once you saw the quality of the writing. I am just happy that you are still reading and enjoying it, that’s all. :blush:


Ah ok
No I meant were you the publication’s publisher

The had a stand at the national honey show today and lots of folk were looking at it.
I really enjoy it