Is this cold? Close vents? Add entrance reducer?

What temperatures are considered cold for the bees and what adjustments do I need to make to my Flow Hive 2+ to accommodate the bees for cool nights between 45 F and 49 F (Calif US). I have a new Nuc hive and the temps at night are a little cool. Should I use the entrance reducer? Should I turn the board upside down that closes the ventilation (has the level on it)? Both? Help please. I need to make sure they are taken care of for tonight’s 45 degree weather and a bit windy. Days this coming week will be in the mid 60’s.

45degF is cold for the bees, however they can cope with those temps as long as they have sufficient honey, so that they can convert that honey into heat via their bodies. A great video to watch on Youtube is “City of Bees”, by the Moody Inst. of Science. In that video, they show how bees regulate temps in the hive. You’ll also see why I suggest to close the vent all year round. So yes, close the vent & reduce the entrance. One more thing you could do is somehow block the cold wind from blowing into the entrance.


@JeffH Another great educational video! Thanks for posting that.


You got the most important things from @JeffH. If you expect lower temperatures at some point in the year, you could also consider a moisture quilt (use the Forum search tool at the upper right for more info) and insulating outside the hive walls. One of the best ways to do that is get a sheet of high density roofing foam, cut it to size and then use duct tape to hold it around the outside of the hive walls. I would suggest the 2" thick stuff like this:

Home Depot carries similar products. Just a thought, in case you have long periods of cold. Even if you don’t a moisture quilt could still be very helpful for next winter. :wink:

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