Assembling frames yourself (Warre Flow frames)

I bought and received 7 full Flow frames.
Now, I want to install and use these on my two Warre hives.
By taking out 15cm worth of slices out of each of the 7 full Flow frames, this allows me to create:
a. 6 x 30cm Warre Flow frames.
b. 1 x 30cm Warre Flow frame.
c. The 7 x 15cm which I took out of the initial 7 frames allows me to reassemble them into 3.5 x 30cm new Warre Flow frames which are lacking the front and back transparent plates.

So, if I were to be able to buy a single Langstroth Flow frame, it would allow me to strip out 15cm to create a new 1 x 30cm Warre Flow frame.
The remaining 15cm can then be added to the previous 3.5 x 30cm to obtain a total of 4 x 30cm new Warre Flow frames which are still lacking the front and back transparent plates.

So, basically, is there a way to go about buying exactly one regular Flow frame and 4 x a transparent backplate and 4 x a transparent frontplate?
This would allow me to equip my two Warre hives with a full Warre Flow super each without any excess material.


Well done Stephen, sounds like a good plan. You can’t do any harm in asking them if they’ll sell you the end pieces.

unless it’s happened fairly recently I don’t think they are selling them individually, or parts like that. I’m sure we will hear an official response soon though.

In case anyone was wondering:
I am modifying two Langstroth boxes to make the innards 300mm x 312.8mm. This way it allows me to populate them with 6 Flow frames of 30cm length each.
This constitutes two full Warre-compatible size boxes (taller than a regular Warre though).

One thing that interest me about folk using the Warre system. Are you relying on frequent emptying of the flow frames to avoid the necessity of putting boxes underneath as the colony grows and stores honey? So that what you have is maybe two or three Warre boxes and the flow and that’s it?

Yes, two or three Warre boxes and the Flow on top. That’s the idea.

However, the replacement policy with the Flow super Warre-style will probably be distinctly different, in that every now and then I’ll probably insert an empty Warre box on top of the existing Warre boxes, but just below the Flow super. This allows the bees to migrate up into that new box, and allows me to take away the bottom box eventually for cleaning up (harvesting wax only).

Hi Stephen,

We’d be very happy to assist you with purchasing an extra Flow Frame and some blank ends to complete your Warre super. Please get in touch at info@honeyflow with your request. We can then add it to your order and explain how you can log in to your account and complete the payment. Can you also please let us know whether you have BZ5 or BZ6 frames, you can see the number on the lower left hand corner of the front of the frames. Well done for working it all out!


Hi cye,

Four things:

  • I currently have BZ6 frames.
  • Parallel to this thread I already sent off a request through your customer support system with the same information.
  • In reference to your reply here I also sent off a second request via E-mail with more information.
  • I just received a reply to my initial request through your customer support system from Sarah stating that it is possible to acquire the single frame, but that it apparently (and sadly) is not (yet) possible to acquire the blank ends.

Now, I’m not sure if you can make any difference here, but I’d appreciate it if you could put in a good word for me and possibly convince them to make an exception.
I mean, I’d gladly pay for a frame and shipping, but if I can’t “make ends meet”, then I’m still left with only two working frames for my second Warre hive, instead of the six frames I need (and have the material for).

In addition to that, it would mean that at some later date, I’d have to pay shipping again for the blank ends.

Hi Stephen,

Please get in touch with me at and provide me with the name or email address you used to place your original order, or your order number. I can then locate your order and will assist you in getting the parts you need to complete your Warre hive, thanks.

Hi Stephen,

I have someone enquiring about Warre adaptation with the Flow Frames.
Do you have any photos or videos of your project?

Any results so far? And documents you did up for the conversion?

It would be great to be able to share this information with anyone who asks :slight_smile:

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