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Modifying Flow Frames for a Non Langstroth Hive

I received my Flow Frames today (July 3). Yea! I use a non-Langstroth box that has the same depth but shorter frame length. I read somewhere that shortening the Flow Frame is easy and looking at it, it appears simple but I wondered if there are instructions/video posted anywhere so I could avoid any unforeseen “challenges”?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Harry, congratulations!! with all the research I’ve done, it probably is as simple as it appears.

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Mods for length are a piece of cake. And for all the people with questions about cleaning, crystallized honey etc - the frame can be completely disassembled in under 5 minutes and then easily reassembled. The frame is a stack of repeating two-piece segments sandwiched between the ends.


Nicely done Harry, looks as simple as pie to disassemble and re-assemble.

@Harry_Stoddart just out of curiosity? How did you un-attach and re-attached the wire holding it together??

Do you have any photies of this or the finished Flow Modifications??

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The existing ‘wire’ has a little stretch to it, so I just pried it off - but note the pattern and where it loops. To reassemble the frames I used some thin wire I had that fit in the slots perfectly. It required a little bending to get it to fit snugly enough that it didn’t interfere with the frames going into the super.


Hi Harry - I am due to get delivery of my flow frames soon, and will be shortening them to fit into my Dadant boxes (the type that is commonly used here in SW France). I think I have to remove one pair of segments.

It will be easy to figure out once you have them in your hands. Try it first without changing anything to get an estimate of how many you think you will need to remove. Then take the wires off - noting the pattern (I did one at a time so I always had assembled ones with the pattern). Remove one end and however many pairs of segments (the ends match into one or the other so you have to remove a complete pair). And then dry fit it back together and test to make sure before putting the wire back on. Make sure the wire fits in all the little slots for it - otherwise it will interfere with removing the plugs or fitting the frames into the super.
Good luck.

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Eu ainda não entendi a mecânica da chave que faz com que a colmeia de se movimente!!! Não sei como funciona e como funciona, se o sistema tem durabilidade.