Assembly question---Roof side rail have extra hole?

Its all in the subject. Each side rail for the roof has an extra hole that seems to serve no purpose. I have pictures but I’m not sure how to attach them. 1 hole at the end of each roof side rail. Should I just ignore and move on or did I assemble something incorrectly? Thanks in advance!

Welcome Kevin! I’m guessing you have a Flow 2 which I’m not very familiar with, tagging @Freebee2 from Flow to guide you.

About how to post pics, depending on your device there’s an upload button (on iPhone it’s an up arrow at the bottom right) in one corner of your posting screen. Clicking it should give you options of choosing photos or files to attach.

Not sure how I missed that! Heres some pics showing what Im talking about. There is no wood behind this hole so a screw would serve no purpose from what I can tell.

well that definitely looks like a side rail (with roof securing screw in middle) and there aren’t meant to be any holes in the side at either end, so it looks like a manufacturing error to me!

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The diagram doesn’t show that drill hole but are your sides and front to back switched? Where does the cover for the flow frame slots go? Do you have pictures of the front and back?

I dont think they are switched because the slope on the top of the sides rails have to match the slope of the roof. Heres a pic of each side and both ends…

Looks like it’s flipped - where does the little cover fit?

The inner cover? Here is a couple pics with the roof on the inner


Ok. I see it. But I can’t tel if the roof is on correctly in the picture…

It looks like the back isn’t all the way down.

Here’s mine when I assembled it if that helps.

Hi Kevin,
The forum is a wonderful comunity of beekeepers with whom you can discuss beekeeping matters and all sorts of bee related questions.
For product assistance could you please contact Flow customer support via and the team will be happy to assist.
Many thanks!

Hello, just following up to see if theres any guidance here?

Hi Kevin,

As per my comment above could you please email info@honeyflow for product assistance?Our customer support team will be glad to help with this.

Thanks @Eva for tagging me in this thread :slight_smile:

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If you notice the cross rail on the front of the roof is deeper than the rail on the back.of the roof. Perhaps the deeper rail is for two fixing screws and the back only one because of the depth. If this is the case all you have to do is swap the ends around.

I’d agree with people suggesting that you have the side panels swapped. Check out the build video:

You can that there is a hole on these side panels only on one side and it has to mate with the cutout on the front panel.

You can see the difference between the too sides here too:
small cutout
bigger cutout with screw

Thanks all, I got with the Flow support and they confirmed it was likely just a misplaced hole. None of the pictures of either side panel have a hole located where I have one, the hole is found in a similar location on the front and back panels only.

Hey Kevin,

I don’t agree with support :slight_smile: in this case.

Check these two details from your pictures:

The side panels have a “half finger” on one end and a “full finger with hole” on the other. Your “full finger” meets with the “half finger” of the end panel and the other way round. At least that’s how it looks to me in the pictures.

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Well-a special thanks for those who helped me see this thing the right way. You were right, the side rails were upside down and on the wrong side. It’s now been fixed and the mystery hole is in full use. Thank you all!


So pleased you got it sorted :slight_smile: