Small gap between roof and flow key cover

Hi guys
I just noticed a small gap between the top of the flow key cover and inner cover board. Do you think this will be an issue? Particularly when it’s raining & cold?
Any suggestions to reduce this gap? (Other than removing the inner cover and just let the gable roof hang over - though I think the handles would get in the way)

Edit: upon closer inspection it looks like just one corner has this gap. Could it be this piece wasn’t properly cut to fit? Gap is pretty wide ~5mm…

Li Yi

Hi Liyi. Has that gap been there since day 1? If not, I wonder if it’s just frames that are not sitting on the ledge properly that are holding the crown board up. Also, how does it sit the other way around?

I just bought this super and put it over the weekend…fits fine around the other side…must have been created slightly short for some reason :thinking:

Yeah well, I think this is something that the Flow support team will be able to sort out. @Freebee2 will be able to help.

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I am really mystified by one of your photos! There is an invisible hive behind the right side of the Flow access panel - I made a red rectangle to outline the area. Amazing! I don’t know what @Freebee2 and colleagues think, but this is almost like a sci-fi green-screen shot, where the back of the hive has been removed! Remarkable. I don’t know what to advise, but here is the photo:

Very odd!


Yes it is an odd photo! I believe Li Yi has now been in touch with customer support and is receiving some assistance so will now close the post.