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Australian Native Bees (pictures included on the link)

Not Flow related but still bee related. The link has some fantastic pictures of a few different native Australian bees (the preview only shows the European honey bee, so you’ll need to click the link to see the “cute fuzzy butts”.


Wow :astonished::astonished:

Can anyone give a review of Terry Houston’s Guide To Native Bees of Australia book?
I think I remember something about it being mainly eastern state bee book.

I’ve been eyeing this guide for some time. Did you buy this book Skeg? I find that most of these ID guides are mostly based on the eastern states either because that’s where most of the species are, or that’s where the authors live and researched most.

No mate I didn’t. I did join a Facebook site which has identified a few bees, and wasps I’ve wondered about including the one on my profile picture.

What is it? Masked bee? Haha I tried to enlarge it several times to have a look at your profile pic - looks interesting and always wondered.

Yeah… I don’t have Facebook, but I do like to have ID guides for reference. I might end up buying it.