Beekeepers in the Dandenongs

I would love to make contact with anyone who is beekeeping in the Dandenongs (Victoria). I read a post by someone who mentioned they lived here, but can’t find it again. It would be great to be able to meet up occasionally & have a look at each others hives, taste honey, exchange experiences face to face.
I’m a Landscape Architect with a passion for gardening & a member of Knox Environmental Society. They have a great range of local indigenous plants, many which are useful for bee foraging - honey bee & native bees. I’m proposing they might like to invest in a Flow Hive too. I really enjoy seeing/hearing what other people are doing in their gardens & sharing plants, of which I have a lot that need new homes…

I have a friend who used to live in the 'nogs but has moved a bit further away - do you want me to contact them for you? PM you email to me and I will forward it

@Elissa_Suderlandia is in the Dandenongs

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Thanks Valli if you think they would be interested? I know a few people in the area with bees, but just thought might be nice to get a group going with Flow hive input too & perhaps a wider range of experience, novice to more experienced.

Thanks Rodderick, that was the one, have sent a message.

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Thanks Roderick for putting Kirsten in touch. Have just replied to your email Kirsten! Anyone else out there starting beekeeping in the Dandenongs? Would be keen to share info and swap honey too.


@Kirsten_Redlich she was in the Gully but moved to Monbulk recently. She is on here but not sure if she has a flow @jenni_piper

Hi Kirsten, I am in Monbulk, still in the midst of starting up my hive (not a flow) .

There are two Beekeeping Clubs nearby too which I highly recommend.
Coonara Beekeeping Club - Meets 2nd Wed of each Month (except Jan) - Ferntree Gully
Yarra Valley Bee Group - usually meets on a Sunday in Wesburn.
Check my website under Clubs & Associations for their contact info. A great bunch of people and both clubs are really welcoming.
Also, I run workshops & sell all all the gear too and am in Kallista.
Hope to connect with you sometime. Thanks Bec


thanks for the info Bec. I’ve visited your website & was planning a visit this weekend for some bits & pieces. I have been to Coonara too & will def. check out Yarra Valley. Am lucky really there are quite a few people in the area. I suppose I was thinking that it would be good to actually meet with people face to face where it’s possible who are on the forum as well.
Look forward to meeting you :grinning:

Hi Jenni I’m also in the process of setting up my hive (not a Flow) at this stage just want to get it going after years of watching the ones who made our garden home & catching their swarms for other people. I am planning to try out the Flow next year in combination I think.
If you & Elissa are interested could maybe plan for coffee & bee chat next couple of weeks?

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Hi Kirsten, sounds like a great idea. Maybe in January as Christmas is fast approaching! Would love to get together though.

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It is! January sounds good :grinning:

Hi Kirsten_Redlich,
I live in the Dandenong Ranges and a newbee (18mths) learning everyday. I am a member of the Yarra Valley Bee Group and have met some very interesting beepeeps as well. I am situated in Macclesfield and know of 4 other beepeeps in the area. What part of the DR’s are you in? I have a complete Flow Hive but as yet utilised, maybe next season? I’m interested in the great range of indigenous plants that you have mentioned especially bee foraging ones. Mark

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Hi Mark we are in the Basin area, so over the other side, would still be great to meet up. I will be coming to Yarra Valley Bee Group in the New Year, I’ve heard good things.
The Knox Environmental Society is thinking about getting a couple of hives, and although we’ve just missed the best time to plant I thought if people were interested in indigenous forage for bees I could arrange something at KES, so can see the plants and start planning for next spring? Also they are happy to work with price if you’re getting a few & they are much cheaper than a nursery already. Tubestock & next size up generally only a few dollars. It’s usually best to plant them when small as they have stronger growth (& quicker, double/triple size in one season) when planted, there’s a specimen garden there too so you can see what they become. I suppose its too close to Christmas for most people now, but if anyone is interested in early New Year am happy to organise. :grinning:
What sort of bees do you have?

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Hi Kirsten, we are close by, be good to see you and catch up at the next meet which will be February. I’m sure there will be others interested in plants as well. Yes Christmas is upon us and yes it’s the busy period especially for me being a firefighter and lots of other commitments. Enjoy your Christmas with the family and will speak with you in the new year.

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I’ll see you at the meeting in Feb. And will wait & see if any other interest in plants…Hope you have a very quiet time at work this summer, & a lovely Christmas. Look forward to hearing from you New Year.

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I notice you guys are near the TBB (The Bunyip Bee Keeper) any you folks after Nucs? Get in Quick

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I manage a number of hives around The Basin / Belgrave / Emerald area :smile: I have a few lease hives in the area and carry out onsite training/maintenance packages for clients.

Thanks Valli, only have a few nucs left for early Jan then that s it until next spring :wink:


William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper

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Hi I live in Boronia, and I am keen to get into hobby beekeeping, I plan to make my own hives, I am thinking of making a Lang long hive and make it so it can take the flow frames, does anyone have any old hives I could use as a guide for measurements etc. that I could have?