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Base shield on Flow Hive

I have a shield that is in the upper slot on my flow hive, when do you move the shield to a lower slot in the base.
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Hi there Lamb. I’ve always kept mine in the top slot.

However I am reading more and more about having a completely open ventilated screened bottom while blocking all top vents. There seems to be a lot benefits in doing that, even in cold climates.

My slider is in the top slot permanently all of the year.
I added vents to each end of the gable to eliminate condensation which worked great. I have also reduced the hive entrance to about 4" to make the hive more defendable by less guard bees and with the mesh base board there is more than enough ventilation even in my hot climate. With 4 Flow Hives I can experiment with ideas to compare two hives modified against the other two. I’m often tinkering and fine tuning for the benefit of the bees and a higher honey yield.

Hey Lamb

You may want to have a quick read of this short article by David Cushman, a highly regarded beekeeper. Paragraph 15, chimney effect.


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