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Bearding on Cool Wet Day


I live in Squamish BC. The temperatures are fairly cool for
this time of year. Highs are getting to about 22 C or 70 F. We have a
new hive which started with about 8000 bees at the end of May. Last
week we did a hive inspection which looked good. They had not filled up
all ten frames yet and we added another super on top. Today I have
noticed the bees have started to beard below the entrance to the hive.
The beard is very calm and the bee are not moving much. I know they
have lots of room and it is not extra hot. Does this mean the are
getting ready to swarm? I am new to this and am looking for advice.


Hard to tell. If it is humid, they could still be bearding because it is hard to bring the internal hive temperature down if the humidity is high. Did you see any swarm cells during your inspection? If so, even if you destroyed them, they may be preparing to swarm - hopefully it is just humidity! :blush:


Didn’t see any queen cells. The beard of bees is very calm as well.


Hi Dawn.

Her Wx n mine are similar but not really. I’m not sure what part of Squamish BC she lives in but she does have some marine humidity influence.

I live east of Puget Sound in the foothills. My humidity for last 10 days has been reacting from a high of 91% to a Low Humidity of 40% on my local Wx station (WaKg04). We’ve been getting some rain n showers with afternoon.sunshine here into the mid 70’s only tops. Today we are cloudy bright but humidity still at low 60’s% … This is my current station data @ noon 7/16. . Maybe a ghost bee scared them ! :wink::+1: