Bee Equipment Up and running again!

Nice to see Bee Equipment is back

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” – Mark Twain

Following a turbulent week, we are pleased to say that the situation has improved considerably since the initial announcement of changes to the company. We have been working with Mann Lake USA and have managed to revisit the situation.

In a joint statement from Mann Lake Ltd. and Bee Equipment Ltd have said – “Mann Lake Ltd USA has decided to withdraw from the UK market. All sales and service will now be handled by Bee-Equipment Ltd who has, until July 1, facilitated the business operation in the UK on behalf of Mann Lake Ltd USA. All current orders will be fulfilled, and all guarantees will be honoured. Bee-Equipment, through its dedicated employees, will continue to deliver the quality products and service that UK beekeepers have come to expect through Mann Lake UK.”

To avoid any confusion going forward, the new company will be known as Bee Equipment Ltd. - We will be supplying the same range of products at the same sort of prices.

We’ve launched new, customer focused website, today, with navigation streamlined and additional offers to trade and wholesale customers.

All orders place up to 1st July will be dispatched by Mann Lake UK after that date Bee-Equipment will continue the same level of service.

Unfortunately, we will inevitably have job losses and this will mainly be due to not having to process information backward and forwards between the USA and UK. Staffing levels for our customers will remain the same.

Mann Lake USA would like us to reassure past customers that product warranties and returns for whatever reason, will be handled by Bee-Equipment who will remain the U.K. and European distributors for Mann Lake’s extensive product range.

Finally, we would like to thank all our customers for the fantastic support via email, phone and social media that we have received over the last few days, we had some very emotional staff taking calls from our wonderful customers, this was a major influence on us deciding not to just give up. It is fair to say that we did not realise how much our customers appreciated and valued what we are doing.


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