Flow hive - Not standard Langstroth size? (UK)

Hi guys
I couldn’t find this issue posted anywhere so far.
On receiving my Flow Hive I decided to get a different queen excluder - a wire one that was more solid and less likely to ‘bounce’ bees off if it gets propolised to the brood box and needs unsticking.
I bought a Langstroth size wire queen excluder and when it turned up it is larger than the flow hive. On investigation, am I right in thinking the Flow Hive is an 8 Frame Langstroth size?
Is this not a standard size in the UK? Most places seem to just state ‘Langstroth’ as the size and not offering 8 or 10 frame options.
Any recommendations for where to get hold of components that fit the Flow Hive (UK online stores?)


@Mark_Bell Mark Mann Lake are the only UK supplier who does 8 Frame kit
http://www.mannlake.co.uk/beekeeping-supplies/category/page5.html for boxes

QX - http://www.mannlake.co.uk/beekeeping-supplies/category/page22.html

If you live in the Midland there is a Tradex on at Stoneleigh Ag centre next Saturday 5th March - lots of goodies to see and buy - Mann Lake will be there - I have pre-ordered some stuff so it wont all be gone - especial 8 Frame stuff as I said they are the only supper in the UK

Thanks Valli. That’s good to know.

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Oddly, the only Brit I know well (coworker) is named Mark Bell.

I guess there’s a few of us around. :blush:

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Thanks for this. The question I was about to ask too. Grateful for the link. Have ordered new metal bee excluder but seems the brood boxes and supers are made of pine, so have ordered new boxes from Flow Hive US as couldn’t find 8 frame Cedar boxes here in the UK. Any suggestions?

Sorry about the wait - only just seen your response. Try here - http://www.bee-equipment.co.uk/category-s/153.htm
Not Cedar but good quality pine. They’re the only place I can find in the UK that sells this size.

Funny enough here in Germany this 8-frame Langstroth Hives are sold as “English Garden Hive”
:blush: (supplier: www.holtermann-shop.de). Don’t know if they ship to UK even when they are a pretty big company.

I bought an Feeder and some transparent covers in that size and it fits apart 0,5 mm (which is reported here frequently).