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Bee Escape not working so far


I wrote Dawn but wanted all to see. I put a bee escape on the hive a couple of days ago. Today I checked and the bees had not moved to the lower part of the hive. In other words the medium I had hoped would be pretty much bee free was teaming with bees. Given I am not exactly sure how the escape works I shared with Dawn that it has been cool and breezy here the past few days. If the bees move down because they are actively leaving the hive to forage that could explain why the bees were still in the box I had hoped to empty. So, would it be accurate to say that when temps go up the escape will work its magic? Thanks Dale


Make sure there is no top entrance and there is no brood in the part of the hive you are trying to clear.


Hi Dale, I did answer, but for some reason my message didn’t post - the web site showed it saving, but it never actually appeared here.

Ed’s comments above are very helpful, and I would also add that it is important to ensure that the escape is on the correct way up, with the mesh/maze part on the bottom. I think your reasoning of cool days is also a strong possibility - bee escapes work best when the weather is warm and the hive is very active.


It can take up to 3 days for a bee escape to clear the bees, more importantly is that the escape is the right way around on the hive, easy to get it confused and the bees just cannot get out.


What sort of escape is it?
I use escapes to clear my supers. They usually work in a few hours. A couple of days later the bees have worked out how to get back through them


If there is any brood above the escape the bees will never leave…


Thanks to all. Sorry I have been away. So grateful for your input. Michael there is not brood. Just capped honey. It is the mann lake bee escape. Pretty much the standard. We have had a couple of days of 80F weather so I am going to check it today. Ill let you know and thanks again!!


[quote=“Dee, post:5, topic:10159”]
A couple of days later the bees have worked out how to get back through them

Oh no! I had better get it off quick!! Thanks Dee