Bee Feeders for Flow Hive 2

Hi all, What are you all using as a bee feeder for those areas in Australia where it is cooler in winter and not much in the way of flowering plants? DIY jar type (such as in the flow video with Cedar) with sugar syrup or buy a manufactured one, such a the rapid feeders found on Amazon? I am located in Canberra so we get cold day time temps during mid winter and have been told by some locals beeks that I will probably need to feed my bees. It was a late summer season set up for my colony (December 2020) so I haven’t put on a super (not planning on doing this until next honey season). Thanks

Rapid rounds dont fit under the flow roof sadly. If you buy or make an eke (shim) itll create more height to allow one to fit.

Other option is a spare box any size.

You’ll only get around an 8oz jar under the roof which is such a low qty it’s more effort than it’s worth having to top it up daily on a strong Hive.

It’s my one gripe and disappointed the new products didnt include a taller sided roof or taller side runners to adapt existing Flow hives.