Recommended Bee Feeder

Can anyone recommend an in-hive bee feeder for the Flow Hive 2?

Thank you! :grinning::honeybee:

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I would buy yourself an extra box, either from Flow, or a cheaper Langstroth medium, and then take your pick of:

An inverted mason jar on top of the inner cover with tiny holes in the lid

A baggie filled with syrup on top of the inner cover, with slits cut in it (use the search tool above for more info)


Awesome. I will have a look into this. Thanks so much for your help!

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@Dawn_SD I am interested in the bee feeder you posted in the link above, but I am in Australia and it appears that we can’t get this from an Australian supplier. If I do order it online it will either come from China and the reviews for this particular one aren’t good compared to the one in your link above. Also, I would like to have the feeder in time for end of autumn early winter, for Canberra gets very cold mid winter, in the minus’ over night in late July/August. I would be happy to create my own like in the youtube video Cedar posted, but again can’t seem to find a local supplier for a 2L glass jar with a plastic lid. Is there any beeks here that know of a local supplier out there in Oz that can help?

in Australia:

Beehive Top Feeder - Beekeeping Gear

Arrives within a couple of days.
Comes with the box.

Make sure you get the right frame size, 8 or 10 frame option


@JasonF233 Many thanks Jason, a couple of questions: 1) Do you know if the round top feeder will fit on the inner cover of the flow hive 2 brood box? 2) Would the square one fit on the flow hive 2? I like both designs but would like to know what will fit. I was planning to put a spare box on top of the brood box to accommodate it under the gable roof. Cheers KSJ

The round one they sell will fit in either an 8 or 10 frame brood box.
The square one I think only fits in a 10 frame box.
It would depend on whether your Flow is 8 or 10 frame Langstroth size.
Double check exactly what you have, but roughly an 8 frame would be about 35cm wide, 10 frame roughly 41cm wide. (external)
If you purchase you would need to specify whether you’ve got 8 or 10 frame box since it comes with the box. The 8 frame box/round feeder combo fits perfectly on my Flow.

Hive Top Honey Bee Feeder that doesn’t leak into the hive, Brood Booster, No Robbing Bees - YouTube

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Thanks - I’ve just bought a similar feeder for my hive, which is all ready and waiting for the bees to arrive next month :smiley: My mentor has advised me that these affordable feeders are really easy to use.

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